Wheels Vs. Doors Debate Rages On The Internet

A new debate has taken over the Internet and folks have some passionate opinions about their stance.

Over the last week, folks on a variety of social media platforms have been voicing their opinion on a seemingly simple question - are there more doors or wheels in the world? It reportedly all started when someone named Ryan Nixon asked followers to vote in a Twitter poll on the subject, noting it stemmed from the "stupidest debate" he was having with friends. 

Well, since it was asked, the poll got over 220,000 votes and more than 2,000 comments from people, who have been seriously debating the topic and picking sides, “Team Door” or “Team Wheels.” It then expanded on social media with TikTok hashtags for "wheels vs. doors" and "doors vs. wheels" reaching 148 million views combined

While “Wheels” won in Nixon’s poll, the debate has continued online. Folks on “Team Wheels” argue that there has to be more due to all the cars in the world, plus wheels on things like hospital beds, luggage, hotel trollys, skateboards and more. Meanwhile “Team Doors” people note all the doors in homes, offices, skyscrapers, hotels, etc. There is also some debate as to what constitutes a door, with some wondering if cabinets count as well.

Check out some of the opinions:

Source: Insider

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