The Main Reasons We Look At Our Phones When Out With Others

It’s hard to go into a restaurant and not see at least one table looking at their phones. So, why are so many people on their devices when they have people to talk to right in front of them?

A new study out of Norwegian University of Science and Technology has uncovered the three main reasons folks are on their phones while they are with others. They interviewed 52 people at cafes, and interviewed 108 other meetings from a distance to figure out the why. In the end they came up with three main reasons folks use their phones when out with others.

  • The main reason is to check social media email or send a text, with most people finding it okay as long as they explained to their companion why they were doing it.
  • Some use them to avoid talking to another person, with some using it to show they are busy, and others actually pretending to be on the phone so they won't have to talk to someone.
  • Finally, folks take out their phone to show others content like pictures or video, like your latest selfie, or photos of your vacation.

Source: Study Finds

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