The Ideal Amount Of Time We Should Be In The Office

These days both employers and employees are grappling with the idea of returning to the office, with many employees wanting to stay at home permanently, and most employers wanting them back. Some are taking a hybrid approach to the problem, and a new study suggests the ideal set up to maximize office engagement.

  • A survey by the software company Clockwise asked employees to rate their workplaces on a scale of “very sustainable” to “very unsustainable.”
  • A sustainable workplace is beneficial for employers because 70% of respondents say they feel more able to grow and innovate in a workplace that’s more sustainable.
  • 71% say it also affects how engaged employees are with their jobs.
  • Plus sustainability is more likely to keep employees at a job with 93% of those who say their workplace is sustainable likely to still be there in a year, compared to only 51% of those who describe their workplace as unsustainable. 

As for the ideal setup for a sustainable workplace…

  • The consensus finds that it’s when employees spend one to two days in the office.
  • 83% of these employees see their workplace as sustainable.
  • This is a bit more than those workers who work at home full time, with only 81% of them saying their workplace is sustainable.
  • Only 67% of workers who are in the office full time say the same. 
  • And while you may think people would prefer to be home all the time there is a good reason why one to two days in the office is more favorable.  Anna Dearmon Kornick, head of community at Clockwise, says it’s “connection,” noting, “We found in conversations with respondents that a sense of belonging is really important to feeling that your workplace is sustainable,” adding, “When you're in the office one to two days a week, you have that face-to-face interaction." 

Source: INC

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