We're Judging Businesses On Their Bathrooms

There’s no doubt that Americans have become more sensitive to germs over the past two years of the pandemic, which has translated in folks being more judgmental than ever when it comes to public restrooms. 

A new Bradley survey finds:

  • 41% of Americans say they use public restrooms as often as they did before the pandemic.
  • 27% actually use them more.
  • Surprisingly, COVID had a positive effect on public restrooms with half of Americans believing they are cleaner and in better condition than ever before.
  • Men are more likely to say that than women (55%).
  • But businesses really do need to step up when it comes to their restrooms because consumers notice.
  • 51% of Americans believe that an unpleasant public restroom at a business is a sign of poor management.
  • 43% say a neglected restroom lowers their opinion of a business.
  • On the flipside, 60% of people admit they’d likely spend more money on a business with a clean and well-maintained bathroom.
  • 58% say they will take breaks from errands at a business they know have clean bathrooms. 

Source: Business Insider

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