The Main Reason People Quit Their Jobs Last Year

Lately we’ve been hearing a lot about the Great Resignation, but the reason why this is happening still remains a mystery to some. Well, a new survey now reveals the most common reasons why folks said goodbye to their jobs last year.

A new Pew Research poll finds:

  • Not surprising, the most common reason folks quit their jobs last year was that the pay at their job was too low.
  • 37% say this was the major reason they left, while 26% described it as a minor reason.
  • Other top reasons include:
    • No opportunities for advancement (63% - 33% major/30% minor)
    • Felt disrespected at work (57% - 35% major/21% minor)
    • Because of childcare issues (48% - 24% major/24% minor)
    • Not enough flexibility regarding hours (45% - 24% major/21% minor)
    • Benefits weren’t good (43% - 23% major/20% minor)
    • Working too many hours (39% - 20% major/10% minor)
    • Working too few hours (30% - 16% major/14% minor)
  • On the positive side, many of those who left jobs didn’t have such a tough time finding new ones.
  • In fact, 61% of those who quit last year say it was somewhat easy for them to find a new gig, with 33% describing it as “very easy.”
  • Only 20% say it was difficult finding a new job.
  • And most people went on to find something better than what they left.
    • 56% say they are now earning more money.
    • 53% have seen more advancement opportunities.
    • 53% say their new job makes it easier to juggle work and family.
    • 50% say they have more flexibility with their hours. 

Source: Pew Research

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