People Reveal Things They Secretly Hate About Their Partners

Being in a romantic relationship with someone means having to accept some of their weird habits and personality quirks on some level. But that doesn’t mean you have to like them. And it turns out, a lot of people secretly hate some things their partners do, according to a new Reddit thread.

Someone asked people in relationships, “What do you hate about your partner, but can’t tell them?” And people weren’t shy about the things they can’t stand. There are more than 10-thousand responses ranging from mild annoyances to downright divorce-worthy and these are some of the best:

  • “My wife took singing lessons as a kid. She is certain that she has a great singing voice. She does not. It’s so hard to be in the same house when she’s singing but I love her dearly and would never ask her to stop.”
  • “His newfound beard and mustache. It's horrible. He just can't grow a good one, I'm sorry. It's patchy and weird and mostly just on his neck.”
  • “They have the diet of a 5 year old.”
  • “The way she pronounces the word "hamburger" makes me die inside. ‘ham BIRD gr’”
  • “That she sounds like a horse when she eats a bowl of cereal.”
  • “She has a hard time cleaning up after herself.”
  • “I hate how she’s a bad listener. Never wants to know about my day, never takes my advice, never wants to know what’s wrong with me.”
  • “He’s a bad kisser. I tried hard to communicate and help in the beginning of the relationship, but nothing worked or stuck. It’s been a lot of years. I gave up.”
  • “She watches YouTube/Tik Tok videos on her phone and refuses to use headphones/earbuds. I hate it.”
  • “She's the worst dirty talker I've ever heard of.”
  • “I love when she's happy. I love that she feels joy.... but that laugh is shrill enough to raise the dead”
  • “She posts motivational posters on Facebook. It cringes me out.”

Source: Reddit

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