Men Reveal The “Girly” Things They Love But Hide Because Of Stereotypes

No matter how much we wish everyone could enjoy the same things in life, regardless of gender, there are definitely some things people look at as being just for girls and just for boys, and often if the opposite sex enjoys them they are seen as weird or strange. Well, there are some guys who are sick of being looked down on for things they enjoy that some may consider too “girly" and they aren't staying silent any longer.

Someone on Reddit asked Fellas, what's something you secretly love but hide because of gender stereotypes?,” with plenty of guys happy to fess up.

Revelations include:

  • "I used to crochet and knit, but then I found a girlfriend that made fun of it. It caused me to slowly stop, even though I missed it a lot.”
  • "Definitely girly pop music. I'm pretty sure my tastes are supposed to be completely different, but they're not. I don't listen to music around other people that isn't their music."
  • "I wear a more masculine cologne when I go out, but secretly I would rather be slathered up in the smell of lavender. Sh*t smells amazing."
  • "I loveeee taking baths. I've always thought it's weird that many men view that as being 'soft.'"
  • "I don’t really hide it, but I’ve been made fun of for enjoying fruity drinks. Like, I can handle straight liquor fine but it tastes horrible to me, so I love cloaking it with fun drinks. It’s really weird the amount of people who only drink beer or 'manly' drinks who look down on fruity cocktails."
  • "I have to admit that I like chick flicks sometimes. Steel Magnolias tears me up every time I watch it…but it’s a great movie. I like movies that make me feel."
  • "I like fluffy, little animals. Apparently, that makes me lose a point to my man card somehow."
  • "I love musicals, used to hide it when I was younger, but I know all the lyrics to Hairspray and will absolutely sing along when I hear it!."
  • "I love doing my nails and getting vibrant colors to put on them." 

Source: BuzzFeed

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