Parents Admit To Struggling To Help Kids With Homework

Once we finish school, most people are happy about never having to deal with homework again. Of course, once you have kids that’s no longer the case, and it sounds like a lot of parents are struggling to keep up. 

A new survey by Photomath finds:

  • Almost half of all parents say their kids spend between one to two hours a night on homework.
  • 46% say math is the subject their kids struggle with the most.
  • And while they may want to help, 50% of parents say they have a hard time understanding their kid’s homework, regardless of the subject.
  • But even with that, 40% of parents say they have done their kid’s homework for them.
  • Although 13% say they’d rather clean the bathroom than help their child with homework. 
  • As for who does most of the helping in the family, it’s usually the moms, who not only help their kids, but are considered the most helpful.
  • If you ask a mom, they say they do a significant amount more helping with homework than dad does (53% vs. 16%).
  • But while dads admit moms do more, they think it’s split a little more evenly, with mom helping 38% of the time, and dad helping 32%. 

Source: Business Insider

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