How To Make Friends As A Grown Up

When was the last time you made a new friend? If you can’t remember, it’s probably been too long. Therapists say that forming new friendships is important for mental-wellbeing, but that’s easier said than done. Making new friends as an adult isn’t as easy as it was back in high school and college, but it’s even more important after the isolation of the last few years.

So how do we make friends as grown-ups? It’s really about putting yourself out there and these pointers can help, no matter how old you are:

  • Movement matters - Getting outside and trying new things can help set the stage for new friendships. Finding a new activity, fitness class or sport that you enjoy is an easy way to meet new like-minded people.
  • Let furry friends lead - Dog owners can make connections with fellow dog lovers on social media and at dog parks.
  • Lean into creativity - If you’re into arts or crafts, participating in groups online or in person related to those interests can lead to new friendships.
  • Gaming for grown-ups - Kids find community through gaming, but there’s no age limit to that kind of fun. Ivy Vann says after following up on an online opportunity to learn to play Dungeons and Dragons, she made new friends and found a social group. She explains, “I became, at age 65, the world’s oldest living D&D novice.”
  • Your next friend may live next door - Getting involved in community groups, even online, can help you find neighbors interested in the same things you are, from hiking to cooking to music.
  • Parenting stress support can lead to friendships - Finding people in your neighborhood with kids or meeting other moms at the park can give you a shared connection right off the bat.

Source: CNN

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