How Taking A Break Could Heal Your Relationship

Be honest, if your partner told you, “I think it’s best if we take a break” you’d probably interpret that as “this relationship is over.” Relationship breaks are typically precursors for breakups – at least that’s how they’re perceived in the modern era of dating but there’s actually tremendous potential for “individual growth, healing and a reevaluation of shared goals for the relationship.”

Breaks can be helpful when we need to reflect on our relationship – where it going, why we’re in it, and how it’s benefiting us. Creating distance (physical and emotional) can…

  • Make things clearer
  • Teach you independence
  • Allow you to be selfish and pursue dreams of your own
  • Steer a relationship back on track

Some say that some much-needed time away has made their relationship stronger. 36-year-old Kelly said, “We could have remained together and slowly let the relationship fall into resentment. Instead, the time apart made us a far better couple in the long run.”

Here are some tips if you and your partner decide to take a break:

  • Make sure both parties are aware of why the break is happening.
  • Set clear boundaries and guidelines for communication from the start. Also, decide if you’re going to be seeing each people or not
  • Understand that a break could end in two different ways – you end up back together or you break up for good.

Source: Refinery29

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