Most Employees Feel Unappreciated By Their Employer

Lately we are constantly hearing about the Great Resignation, but what is causing so many people to leave their jobs? Well, a new survey set out to discover just that and it turns out many workers simply want to know they are appreciated. The new Bonusly poll finds:

  • 63% of workers say they feel unappreciated by their employer daily.
  • 59% insist they’ve never had an employer who actually appreciated their work.
  • Recognition is so important to some that 29% would give up a week’s pay just for more recognition from their boss.
  • As for why they feel unappreciated:
    • 41% say it’s because of favoritism among employees from management.
    • 39% say it’s management’s lack of communication and recognition.
  • 46% of those polled have left a job because they felt unappreciated.
  • Although 65% say they would stay with an unappreciative manager if they felt recognized by their co-workers and peers. 

But showing appreciation isn’t the only area workers think employers need to improve. Other areas include:

  • Compensation (32%)
  • Benefits (PTO, medical care, etc.) (30%)
  • Flexibility (work from home, hours, etc.) (29%)
  • Management (29%)
  • Career development programs (28%)
  • Job security (28%) 

Source: Bonusly

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