Seventh Graders Call Out Parents “Cringe” Behavior In Viral TikTok

What do you do that embarrasses your kid? Probably even more things than you even know about, but that’s part of the job of being a parent, right? A middle school teacher in Palm Springs, California recently asked his students to share something about their parents that makes them cringe. And then he turned their answers into a video that’s gone viral on TikTok.

The 59-second clip, posted by 7thGradeChronicles, has racked up more than 6.7-million views and has been cracking the Internet up. The text overlay at the beginning of the video reads “Asked my students the following question: What is something your parents or guardians do that makes you cringe?” To keep their responses anonymous, students wrote their responses on Post-It notes and here’s what they had to say:

  • “My mom uses Facebook!”
  • “My dad still wears speedos”
  • “Takes mirror selfies”
  • “Listens to Katy Perry!”
  • “When they say ‘that’s tight!’”
  • “Watching NCIS”
  • “Making me order off the kid’s menu even tho I”m 13”
  • “My mom calls herself ‘gangster’ … Girl no.”
  • “My mom also hangs up positivity signs. ‘Live. Laugh. Love.’”
  • “My mom still dabs.”
  • “My mom does … TikTok dances”
  • “When my mom wears her boots with her shorts”

Source: Newsweek

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