Why Going To Bed Angry Can Be Good For Arguing Couples

We’ve all heard that old school relationship advice that couples should never go to bed angry. And while some may feel this is a great rule to live by, it’s not the fix for everyone. It turns out, going to bed angry can actually be better for couples than staying up late to argue more.

Here’s why sleep experts say it’s a good idea to sleep on it:

  • You avoid saying something stupid - According to Stanford sleep expert Dr. Brandon Peters, not being well rested interferes with higher cognitive functioning of the brain. We need sleep to pay attention, reason well, communicate kindly and effectively and most importantly here … to solve problems. So if you’re too sleepy to do all that, it’s going to be tough to resolve a disagreement.
  • Your outlook may be more positive - When you can’t stop yawning and you’re too tired to think clearly, staying up late to fight is only going to drain you more. But after some sleep, you may wake up refreshed and have a more positive perspective on the situation.
  • You stick to the point better - Sleep researchers at UC Berkeley have discovered a “dysfunctional pathway that explains the relationship between brain deterioration, sleep disruption, and memory loss.” Basically, being tired can lead to forgetfulness and you may find yourself getting off track in your late night fight.

Source: Your Tango

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