The “Dawn Dating” Trend Is All About Morning Dates

There’s another new dating trend on the rise, but thankfully, this one isn’t cruel like ghosting, breadcrumbing and love bombing. It’s called “dawn dating” and it’s simply the act of going on a date in the morning.

While this might not seem like the most romantic time of day to meet a potential love interest, research shows a lot of singles are into it. The dating app Badoo surveyed 1,000 of their users and found:

  • 51% have been on a morning date recently, or would like to go on one.
  • 71% of the singles polled would be impressed if someone asked them to go on a date in the morning.
  • 43% say they like the fact that there’s no expectation to drink alcohol on the date.
  • A third prefer a morning date because they don’t have to sacrifice their social life or change evening plans with friends to go.
  • 34% say they’d like an early date because they feel more energized then.
  • And 37% of singles surveyed feel like they got to know their morning date on a deeper level.

Eva, a dawn dating convert, says she was a little surprised when someone she was chatting with suggested meeting before work one Friday. “At first, I found the idea a little daunting,” she admits, but she agreed to meet him for coffee at 8am and a quick walk around a park. “We chatted as we would on an evening date, but it just felt so relaxed,” Eva says. “And it was nice to know that alcohol wasn’t clouding any impression I’d get of him.”

Source: Independent

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