People Share Their Thoughts On The Biggest Waste Of Money

There are a lot of things folks spend way too much money on. And while some of those things are worth the extra cash they shell out, there are some that are just a complete waste of hard-earned dollars, and now people are calling those things out.

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What in your opinion is the biggest waste of money?,” with folks more than happy to chime in.

Responses include:

  • “Name-brand shoes for toddlers and pre-schoolers. They’re not gonna stay clean and they’ll grow out of them faster than you think.”
  • “Gold flake covered food.”
  • “Buying new electronics every year just because it’s a new model.”
  • “Often out of season fruits (like strawberries in the winter) are really expensive and taste like water.”
  • “Diamonds because of all the artificial scarcity, I was told if anything buy precious stones. That’s why if you look at royalty they always have rare or precious stones.”
  • “From what little I understand of it I’m going to say NFTs.”
  • “Weddings/wedding dresses. I have nothing against marriage, but I think spending 30k on a wedding and 10k on a dress is absolutely insane and pointless, and has nothing to do with marriage.”
  • “Buying products from the Kardashians. Literally from any celeb.”
  • “All the food delivery services. It’s obscene how much more expensive it makes a meal.”
  • “Funerals: nothing better to honor a loved one with than personal bankruptcy.”
  • “Designer clothes. You're paying for the manufacturer to get free advertising. Bitch I'm walking around advertising your sh*tty clothes, now pay me!”
  • “Gambling, you're literally saying here's 100 dollars give me some amount less on average.”

Source: Reddit

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