“Facts” We Learned As Kids That Aren’t Really True

We hear all kinds of things as kids that we tend to believe, like that swallowing watermelon seeds can make a watermelon grow in your stomach. It’s not until you grow up that you realize some of what you thought was true is actually a load of B.S. A Redditor got everyone thinking about this when they asked, “What did you learn in elementary school that turned out to be false/ a lie when you reached adulthood?”

More than 14-thousand comments have come in so far and these are some of the best:

  • “That cracking your fingers gives you arthritis.”
  • “That people would be offering me free drugs all the time.”
  • “That blood is blue before it touches air.”
  • “That you can’t use your notes in ‘real life.’ WTF does that even mean? I’m always looking at my notes when I do my job.”
  • “If someone is picking on you, that means they like you.”
  • “That all my high school teachers and my college professors would require me to write in cursive.”
  • “This will go down on your permanent record.”
  • “If you touch a baby duck, it’s mother will reject it.”
  • "That when bears hibernate, it's one really, really long nap. Apparently bears just nap a lot in the winter, and it's not a three-month mega-nap.”
  • “That I wouldn’t have a calculator in my pocket.”
  • “That my middle school grades matter and would follow me through high school.”
  • “That tastebud zones are real.”
  • “That if I went to college I would get a good job and be able to buy a big house with a pool.”
  • “That my face was gonna get stuck like this 🤪.”
  • “We had a teacher tell us that we only had so many uses before our vocal cords stopped working, so wasting it small-talking during class would cause us to go mute in our 30s.”
  • “That being an astronaut was a plausible career option. It's way harder than they sell it.”
  • “That cheaters never win in the end; only good people succeed.”
  • And finally, "Turning on the light in the car is illegal.”

Source: Reddit

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