Letting TikTok Tell You What's A Red Flag... Is A Red Flag

In today’s world everything from staying in contact with an ex to not being a fan of “The Office” could be considered a red flag. While TikTok and social media can be great places for inspiration and advice – especially when it comes to dating – it’s forced us to only focus on the negative and be really cautious about who we date with all of these “red flags” floating around.

If you go on a first date looking for red flags, you’re more than likely going to find some. That’s just basic confirmation bias. Plus you also aren’t giving the person a chance!

Relationship expert Dr. Wendy Walsh says a red flag in a relationship means one of two things: “Either that the person does not have the emotional capability to have a healthy relationship, or they are in the game for a short-term relationship and aim only to extract sex.”

 The hashtag “red flags” has almost 3-billion views on TikTok. But not every behavior or trait out there is worthy of a full stop and it’s important to know the difference between what’s unhealthy and what’s normal human behavior.

  • The person waving the red flag could just be talking bad about an ex who wronged them or a failed first date with whom they had nothing in common. And since it’s on social media, well there’s a chance it’s only being brought up for views and likes.
  • If someone is verbally or physically abusive or makes you feel unsafe, then those are real red flags and you should run, not walk, away!

Source: Stylecaster

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