TikTok Wedding Trends For 2022

Thanks to COVID, the last two years have been full of canceled and postponed weddings, but couples are finally making their way down the aisle again. It turns out, 2022 is set to be one of the biggest wedding years ever, with close to 2.5-million weddings expected, according to research from the Wedding Report, Inc.

And it seems a lot of brides are turning to TikTok for inspiration. It’s where their fellow brides candidly share tips and tricks from their weddings and bride-to-be Taelor Pawnell says TokTok has become “a creative space for all of us to kind of just help each other.” She’s been using wedding TikTok since she got engaged in 2020 and she’s even shared a PowerPoint template for bridesmaids about wedding details that’s been downloaded more than 10-thousand times.

According to TikTok, these wedding trends will be big in 2022:

  • Groomsmen first look - A first look is typically when a couple sees each other for the first time on their wedding day and this twist is something some brides are opting to do with their husband’s groomsmen. Aside from this sneak peek, some couples are having groomsmen race for a beer and having the groomsmen toss the groom in the air.
  • Editorial photography - Instead of just staged photos, wedding planner Victoria Holland says more brides are going for a more editorial vibe with their wedding pictures. She says there’s more demand for “those cool, candid shots” now.
  • “Flower man” - A modern spin on a flower girl, this is a man walking down the aisle tossing petals. The moment gets a lot of laughs from guests and gives the bride another way to include their best guy friend in the ceremony.
  • Unique guest books - Holland says in 2022, many couples are adding more interactive activities for their guests, including a whole new kind of guest book. After the Tone is like an audio guestbook that lets loved ones pick up a special phone and leave voicemails for the couple. The phones come in different colors to match wedding decor and the recordings can even be copied to vinyl record.
  • No more garter tosses - This wedding tradition can be awkward and embarrassing and Holland says most couples hate it, so many of them are ditching it.

Source: Good Morning America

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