Most of Us Would Prefer Our Plans Get Canceled So We Can Stay In

While the idea of going out on the weekend, whether to a party or to just hang with friends, sounds fun, the reality is most people would rather skip it.

A new survey conducted by OnePoll on behalf of the Idaho Wine Commissionof Americans 21 and older finds:

  • 75% of people say the best weekend is one with no plans.
  • 71% say they hope their plans get canceled so they can stay in.
  • 69% prefer to stay home on weeknights, while 38% admit they also like to stay home on weekends.
  • 40% say their love of staying in started in their thirties. 

So, what are all these people doing if they are not going out?

  • Well, during the week, the perfect night in includes:
    • Binge watching TV (53%)
    • Reading a book from start to finish (32%).
    • Going for a nice walk (30%)
  • A walk is also one of the activities of a perfect weekend (39%), as is:
  • Read a book start to finish (36%)
    • Sleep in (35%)
    • Binge-watch TV (34%)
    • Play a board game (21%)
    • Watch movies (20%)
    • Play video games (19%)
    • Cook/bake (19%)
    • Clean/organize my home (12%)
    • Try a new wine (12%)
    • Try new cocktails (11%)
    • Puzzles (11%)
    • Garden (9%)
    • Try a new self-care routine (7%)


Source: SWNS Digital

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