These Are The Most Overused/Disliked Office Phrases

While co-workers can feel like family to some people, there are always those few colleagues that people find difficult to work with for a variety of reasons, and apparently one big reason has to do with the use of office jargon. A new survey finds:

  • About half of those polled say they have colleagues who are hard to work with because of their communication skills.
  • 45% of those people can’t stand it when their co-workers use office jargon.
  • Among the most disliked and overused office jargon:
    • ASAP (15%)
    • Keep me in the loop (15%)
    • Just checking in (14%)
    • Team player (14%)
    • Give 110 percent (13%)
    • Sorry for the delay (13%)
    • New normal (13%)
    • No worries (13%)
    • Touch base (13%)
    • Think outside the box (13%)
    • Loop me in (13%)
    • Back to square one (13%)
    • Circle back (13%)
    • There’s no I in team (13%)

But just because they don’t like such terms, it doesn’t mean those folks aren’t guilty of using them as well.

  • In fact, 89% of people say they too use such jargon.
  • 55% have even used phrases they are tired of hearing.
  • The main reasons they do so include:
    • To sound more professional or intelligent (43%)
    • To maintain office norms (43%) 

Source: SWNS Digital

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