A Guide To "Micro-Dating

If you’re someone who puts dating at the bottom of your to-do list then “micro-dating” could be for you. Micro-dating only requires minimal time so instead of dedicating a whole evening to date night, you commit to just 20-30 minutes instead.

As Psychotherapist Lohani Noor says, “there is nothing like a quickie, whether it’s an urgent and intense sexual union just before dashing to work, or five minutes of uninterrupted directed focus on nothing other than you and your partner.”

Micro-dating is great for busy parents, overworked professionals, or really anyone who’s crunched for time! We really don’t need a ton of time or money to have a good time. Quality over quantity, right? It’s efficient and practical plus it’s easier to stay focused compared to longer dates that can sometimes drag. Here’s how you can try micro-dating out for yourself:

  • Start small – grab coffee or lunch during work breaks
  • Set times – be clear on how long the date lasts and stick to it.
  • Book an activity with a set time – go see a movie or reserve a lane at the bowling alley for two games then call it a night.
  • Be open-minded with the time of day – Go for an early morning walk/run together or Facetime each other for 30 minutes before bed.

Source: metro.co.uk

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