Matchmaker Shares How To Fix Your Dating Profile

Does your dating app profile need a little refresh? Maria Avgitidis is here to help. This matchmaker has become the queen of dating profile critiques on TikTok. So far, 4-thousand singles have sent their profiles to her company, Agape Match, for help and she’s got a waiting list of about 200 people.

The 37-year-old relationship guru charges clients as much as $200 for her profile expertise, but she’s sharing some of her advice here for free:

  • Make your first photo your best one - Maria explains that while women tend to look at several photos before swiping left or right, men typically only glance at the first image before swiping, so make it your best.
  • Lighten up - “Dark selfies are a turnoff,” this expert says. So use photos with good lighting.
  • Lose the booze - Maria also advises leaving out pics with alcohol in them because some people might find it alienating.
  • Go for the bright stuff - Colorful backdrops make your profile more appealing and vibrant clothing can do the same.
  • Be straight about your photos - If you have a photo of you hiking, only include it if you actually like hiking. “And don’t include photos that were taken 15 pounds or 15 years ago,” Maria says. “If you’re lying about your looks, it’s easy for someone to wonder what else you’re lying about.”
  • Avoid clichés - You don’t want your profile to read the same as half the other singles out there.
  • Use prompts to paint a picture - Weave in your interests and hobbies in bullet points. If you’re describing how you spend your Sundays, it can simply be, “Long walk, yoga, brunch with friends, Wordle.”
  • Use prompts to start conversations - On one client’s profile, she answered the prompt, “This year I want to …” with “see more live stand-up comedy and Broadway shows. Want to join me?” Maria changed the last part to “Let me know who your favorite stand-up comedian is.” The tweak gives potential matches a conversation starter and works as a compatibility gauge.

Source: New York Post

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