People Get Honest About The Biggest Regrets In Their Lives

It’s rare to find someone who doesn’t live with some sort of regret, but rarely do people share those regrets with others. Well, now thanks to a new thread on the Internet, several folks are opening up about the biggest regrets they have.

 It all started when a poster on the UK-based mommy forum Mumsnet shared their regret. The 26-year-old revealed, “I've wasted so much money on things I didn't need, I neglected my health for so long, it's taken me to 26 to somewhat have my life together,” noting, “'I'm studying law and love it, but hate how I spent so much time after school messing around wasting my life.”

That sparked others to share their regrets on variety of subjects, with children being a big one. Several regretted them, with one person sharing they regretted “having children and not deciding what I really wanted out of life.” On the other end, another noted, “I should’ve had children sooner rather than wait until my (very) late 30s.” 

Others regretted relationships, with one writing, “Wasted too many years on my ex husband who held me back from so many experiences and deprived me of so much enjoyment that I should have had in my early twenties,” while another added “Marrying my husband. He’s ok now but I don’t know why I picked him. I never felt the passion for him that I’d felt for other boyfriends.”

  • But not everyone had regrets. “No point in having regrets,” one person commented. “You can't go back in time and thinking about them keeps you in the past rather than acting in the present for the good of your future.” And another added, “No regrets. I am a product of my life choices - and I am a better person from even the unwise choices. I wouldn't have it any other way.”

Source: The Mail

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