Women Share Stupidest Thing That’s Been Mansplained To Them

Some men love explaining things to women that they already know and it happens so much, there’s even a fun name for it “mansplaining.” Not all men do it, thankfully, but pretty much all women have had it happen to them. From periods to lady parts to giving birth, you name it, women have had it mansplained to them.

Someone posed the question to Reddit’s “Ask Women” section, ““What’s the stupidest thing that’s ever been mansplained to you?” And you’ll be shaking your head at some of these responses:

  • “One guy explained to me how to pronounce my own name correctly”
  • “My husband told me that when somebody dies in a movie the actor doesn’t die in real life.”
  • “A man told me that hormonal birth control makes you infertile permanently. And another told me that toxic shock syndrome is fake.”
  • “A military vet once mansplained to my sister on a flight about the handling of firearms and how men are more capable of being the protector because emotionally women aren’t designed to handle it…When the flight landed, the stewardess thanked my sister (in front of said D bag) as she was the Air Marshal on duty.”
  • “My ex tried to mansplain infertility to me, a sufferer of infertility.”
  • “I went to my home town's agricultural show with one of my ex-boyfriends. We went to go and look at some of the animals. While we were looking at the bulls, he turned to me and said ‘by the way, that’s a bull. It’s a male cow.’”
  • “My father tried to explain periods to me. I'm 46.”
  • “I had one try to explain profit margins, and when I told him what mine is, he said, ‘Good, see, now you're learning.’”

Source: Reddit

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