Women Reveal Things They NEVER Tell Men

While being open and honest in a relationship is a good thing, most gals agree there are some things men just don’t need to know about, and now many are sharing what those secrets are. 

It all started when someone on Reddit posed the question, “What do girls 'never' tell guys?,” and it resulted in lots of hilarious confessions. They include:

  • “That we girlfriends discuss each and everything with each other. So, if you’re flirting with two friends simultaneously, there is a high chance that both of them are laughing at your texts behind your back.”
  • “We hold our boobs when running down the stairs. Also when looking for things. No Idea why, it just helps.”
  • “Our favorite bra doesn't get washed as much,” with one person commenting, “'I'm definitely guilty of the 3-5 day bra without realizing it.”
  • Another said gals never tell “specifically what was discussed in the bathroom,” with one noting, “Honestly most of the time it’s just more time to gab/catch up or talk about things you can’t talk about with the rest table.”
  • “We remove hair a lot more than just our legs, bikini, and armpits. It differs for us all. Stomachs, sideburns, upper lip, chin, nose, nipples, chest, feet, toes, arms,” adding, “Pretty much anywhere men grow hair.. we got it.”
  • “We don't compliment you as much because we're afraid you'll think we're interested in you sexually.”
  • “When I wear my hair in certain ways it means I've not gotten the chance to wash it in a while.”
  • “Women love butts. Women absolutely love men's butts. Women want men with nice butts.”

Source: The Mail

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