People Without Dates Reveal Their Valentine’s Day Plans

Today is Valentine’s Day which means a lot of couples will be headed out to a romantic dinner or they might be staying in with the person they love. But for singles, the day is usually anything but romantic. So, what are unmarrieds doing on such a romantic holiday? 

Well, someone on Reddit posed the question, “People without a date for Valentine’s Day, what are your plans?,” and plenty of folks were happy to share, with responses that ranged from sad, to funny, to indifferent

Responses include:

  • “The same way as I always spend it, contemplating my loneliness and inevitably being filled with a feeling of existential dread.”
  • “I'll probably forget it's Valentine's Day and just go about my business.”
  • “Watch a movie and try to not go on social media to not make myself feel left out.”
  • “I'm planning on sobbing quietly and then falling to sleep.”
  • “Lol I didn‘t even realize it‘s Valentines tomorrow.”
  • “Stare at my right hand and think about the memories we've had together.”
  • “Treat it like any other day, while avoiding people who will be annoying about it.”
  • “Go to work. Even during my relationships I couldn't give less of a f**k about Valentines Day.”
  • “I just go to bed and wait for the day to end.”
  • “Wait for chocolate to go on sale once Valentines day is over.”
  • “Dinner plans with Mom! Your biggest cheerleader in life, treat her well!”
  • “Eating sushi with my single friends.”
  • “This year I'm going to buy a big pack of ice cream.. And cry watch some bad movies." 

Source: Reddit

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