How To Pretend You Like Someone You REALLY Don't Like

Chances are we aren't going to like everyone we come in contact with but when we have to be around them on a regular basis – like a co-worker, relative, or a friend’s partner— it helps to be a little civil around them.

However, faking to like someone or pretending to at least tolerate their existence gets exhausting and annoying. If there’s any group of people who knows how to do this best, it's actors! Here are their tips to help get you through situations where you have to pretend you like someone you really can’t stand.

  • Pretend they’re someone you like. Visualize that you’re talking to someone else – someone you actually like.
  • Ask (appropriate) questions. This strategy is good to use when the other person loves to talk about themselves. If so, asking a few situation-appropriate questions can help ease the conversation for both of you. You’ll seem like a nice person who actually cares while entertaining yourself with their answers.
  • Find something you do like about them and run with it. Oh come on, there’s got to be at least one thing you can find to like about the person! Maybe it's their cute dog or something interesting they brought up in a meeting. Focus on the positive aspects of people.

Source: Life Hacker

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