We'll Be Spending Less On The BIG GAME This Year

The Super Bowl is Sunday and while it’s always an exciting day for football fans, apparently this year it won’t necessarily be an expensive one. A new LendingTree survey finds:

  • Super Bowl spending is expected to be down 19% this year.
  • The average American will spend $88 on Super Bowl Sunday, down from $108 last year.
  • And some people aren’t even interested in the game, with 28% saying they won’t even be watching, up from 21% last year. 

Some of that money being spent will be used to bet on the game.

  • About 30% of Americans say they will place some sort of bet on the Super Bowl.
  • The things folks will bet on include: 
    • The overall winner (18%)
    • The final score (9%)
    • The outcome of the coin toss (4%)
    • The length of the National Anthem (3%)
    • Parlay bet (3%)
    • Other (1%)
  • Overall, Gen Z are the most likely to bet on the game (42%), followed by millennials (41%) and men (36%).

But most people won’t be betting a ton, with 62% of folks planning to gamble less than $100. 

Source: LendingTree

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