A Third Of Us Are Keeping Financial Secrets From Our Partner

Secrets are never good in a relationship but it turns out a lot of folks are keeping them, and a lot of those secrets revolve around money.  TD Bank’s seventh annual “Love and Money” survey finds:

  • 32% of Americans are keeping some sort of financial secret from their partner.
  • That’s up 11% from last year.
  • Of those keeping a financial secret, 50% never plan to disclose their secret to their S.O.
  • 76% have no plans to share that secret with anyone.
  • The most common financial secrets being kept include:
    • A big purchase (40%)
    • Significant credit card debt (18%)
    • Secret bank account (13%)
  • And these secrets are being kept regardless of the state of a relationship, with 50% of those in unhappy relationships keeping a secret, along with 32% who are in happy relationships.

But despite all those financial secrets...

  • 80% of Americans say they are comfortable talking about money with their partners.
  • 61% say they discuss money within the first six months of a relationship.
  • 57% will discuss money weekly, with 86% doing so monthly.
  • 80% of folks say they have financial disagreements each month.
  • 71% say they only have occasional arguments about money. 

Source: Business Insider

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