Valentine’s Day Has Lost Its Spark For 60% Of Americans

Valentine’s Day is coming up on Monday, but based on results from a new poll, it seems a lot of people don’t really care.

A new survey of singles and couples finds:

  • 47% of Americans are skipping Valentine’s Day activities completely.
  • 32% plan to just have a date night at home.
  • And only 21% have made special reservations for the romantic holiday.
  • 60% of folks say that because of the pandemic, Valentine’s Day has lost its value.
  • 74% of singles say Valentine’s Day puts too much pressure on a potential relationship.
  • 58% of those in a relationship say just the one day isn’t enough to show their love for their partner.
  • In fact, 48% of those in a relationship say they want their partner to show affection throughout the year.
  • For those who are celebrating, the most important thing is spending quality time with their S.O.
  • 63% of those celebrating say they would prefer to just spend an intimate night together, rather than have big plans.
  • On average, those celebrating Valentine’s Day plan to spend about $150.
  • For those not celebrating, 83% plan to spend time with friends over Valentine’s Day weekend. 

Source: Yahoo Finance

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