The Lowdown On Snacking for Sunday's Game

A lot of people will be getting together Sunday to watch the game, and for many the highlight of the day won’t be the Big Game, it will be the snacks!

  • The fifth-annual Frito-Lay Snack Index reveals the truth about Americans and their snacking.
  • 94% of adults say snacks have the ability to create enjoyable moments.
  • When it comes to snack preferences, 79% of Gen Z and 83% of Millennials prefer spicy snacks.
  • But traditional flavors are still popular with 62% of Baby Boomers and 46% of Gen X.
  • Only 32% of Gen Z and 30% of Millennials like traditional snack flavors.
  • 52% of consumers say potato chips are one of their top three snacks.
  • 71% plan to have potato chips at their party.
  • And who needs bowls, with 49% planning to eat their chips right out of the bag.
  • When buying snacks for their party, 91% of people look for snack that are their tried-and-true favorites.

When it comes to fans in this year’s team cities…

  • While 54% of L.A. fans prefer spicy snacks, only 46% of Cincinnati fans like their snacks hot.
  • L.A. fans prefer to pair their snacks with guacamole (71%) and salsa (62%), while Cincy fans prefer salsa (55%) and buffalo chicken dip (51%).

Source: Frito Lay

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