Your Wordle Obsession Might Actually Good For You

Are you hooked on playing “Wordle?” Lots of folks are, but even if you haven’t tried your luck with it yet, you’ve probably seen those green, yellow and white blocks popping up in your social media feed, along with players’ scores. For those who don’t know, “Wordle” is a word game that gives players six chances to try to guess a five-letter word.

And if you’ve been holding off on jumping on the “Wordle” bandwagon, you might want to reconsider because it may actually be a healthy habit:

  • You can only play once a day - Wordle only gives you one new word a day, so you only get one chance to play. That means you can’t get sucked in and spend way too long playing it, like you might with other games.
  • It gives your brain a daily workout - Experts including Dr. Douglas Scharre, a neurologist and director of the Center for Cognitive and Memory Disorders at The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, say solving a daily crossword puzzle or playing a word game like “Wordle” is great for cognitive health. He says the sharpness of our cognitive skills fall into the “use it or lose it” category and that the more you exercise the brain, the healthier it will be.
  • It can boost your mental health too - Ulrich Mayr, a professor of neuroscience at the University of Oregon and an expert in the aging of the brain and changes of psychological functioning during the human life span, says Wordle can help those feeling down. He says the fun, engaging activity is good for us and the social component of sharing scores on social media is another benefit. Playing Wordle can help us “reestablish positive connections that are not tainted by negativity and stress us out,” Mayr says.
  • Not into word games? Activities like physical exercise, playing musical instruments, problem-solving activities and socializing can all challenge the brain and provide the same health benefits.

Source: Healthline

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