Creative Ways To Spice Up Your Valentine’s Day Date

We’ve all been through a lot the last two years and it’s been especially tough for families. If you’ve made it through the challenges of the pandemic and managed to stay in love, that’s something that deserves to be celebrated. And Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to do it. Is it cheesy to go all out for his holiday? Yep, but we’re leaning into it anyway, after all, we haven’t had a real Valentine’s Day since 2020.

So this year, let's bring on the romance and these ideas can help spice things up with your Valentine:

  • Sexy Scrabble - If your Valentine’s Day date night is an at-home event, put a nerdy but hot spin on game night. Even Scrabble can be sexy if you make rules for each bonus square, like maybe an article of clothing gets removed for every double word score?
  • Sentimental takeout - Turn up the romance on dining in by ordering dinner from the place you had your first date or celebrated your engagement.
  • Day date - For parents with kids in school, use that time to celebrate with your someone special during daylight hours. Enjoy a leisurely lunch, go to the movies or just stay home and remind yourselves what it’s like to have sex when no one else is at home.
  • Shop for something special - Heading to the mall may not sound like an exciting date, unless you’re in middle school, but it can be if you’re going to pick out something sexy together, like new undies or lingerie, or something you find at an adults-only store.
  • Take it outside - If you live somewhere where it’s not 14 degrees on February 14th, head outdoors for a romantic stroll, a picnic in the park or the backyard, or a trip to a botanical garden.
  • Get scared - Watch a scary movie or take a ghost tour and let the fright you feel help you get frisky. Research shows that getting scared together can actually lead to getting aroused together, so it’s worth a try.
  • Sexy photo shoot - If you’ve always been curious about having boudoir pictures taken, but didn’t want to get half naked in front of a stranger, now’s your chance. Find something sexy to wear and let the photo snapping begin.

Source: Cafe Mom

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