What Not To Wear On A First Date

First dates can be really stressful, from deciding where to go to coming up with a few ice-breaker questions to ask. And one of the trickiest parts? Coming up with the ideal first date outfit. You obviously want to make a good first impression and be the right level of dressed up, but pulling that out of your closet can be a challenge.

It turns out, there’s one thing you should never wear on a first date, according to personal stylists. A white shirt is the item they recommend avoiding because they can get messy easily. Andie Sonrato, a personal stylist and image consultant, says she tells her clients to steer clear of anything that’s “fussy or difficult to keep clean.” She points out that a white shirt could set you up for an embarrassing stain moment, explaining, “You don’t want your date distracted by the taco sauce that just dripped all over your bright white shirt.”

So what should you wear instead? Make sure you’re comfortable. Dressing comfortably may put you more at ease, so say no to:

  • Pants that are too tight
  • A skirt that could blow in the wind and leave you with a potential date-ruining wardrobe malfunction
  • Super high heels because it’s hard to enjoy yourself when your feet are in pain. Plus, you don’t want to have to turn down a romantic post-dinner stroll because you have a blister.
  • Anything distracting, like over-the-top ruffles, puff sleeves or patterns. Influencer Masha Meliuk says an easy way to check is by looking at yourself in the mirror. “If the first thing that grabs your attention is your outfit, then you need to simplify it,” she explains.

And now that you know what not to wear, personal stylist Stephanie Gisondi-Little says there’s one item you should always sport on a first date: a conversation piece. “Wear something that telegraphs a bit about your personality and perhaps even acts as a conversation starter,” she suggests. This could be a piece of jewelry or other accessory or even just some fun socks.

Source: Best Life

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