Signs You're In The Wrong Job

A lot of us have been reflecting recently on whether our current job is worth it or not. It’s tempting to wonder what else is out there when everyone else seems to be quitting theirs. After all, you should feel satisfied with your career for the majority of it.

Professor Margaret Anne Carter of the Australian College of Applied Psychology explained to “Life Hacker” that we should be asking ourselves “does my job align with my authentic self?” Here are some signs to help you figure that out:

  • You lack purpose. If you’re looking at your position and see no reason or value in what you’re doing, that’s a big red flag.
  • You lack goals. If you’re struggling to set goals it could be because you don’t truly see your job in your future.
  • You lack interest and inspiration. If your entire day consists of daydreaming, counting down the clock, and procrastination then you aren’t interested. You should feel a sense of pride in your work.
  • You lack happiness when it comes to your job. While there may be days or weeks that suck, you shouldn’t feel depressed about it every single day.
  • You lack fulfillment. You can be good at your job but if you don’t find it fulfilling, there isn’t much point to you performing it.
  • You lack connection to yourself. If you feel like you lose a little piece of yourself every time you walk in, that’s a bad sign.

Source: Life Hacker

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