People Admit The “Snobbiest” Opinions They Have

No matter how good a person we may think we are, we all have opinions, and sometimes those opinions can be pretty judgmental about other people. Well, now some people are sharing how judgey they really are. 

A man recently took to Reddit to share what he confesses is the “snobbiest” opinion he has. “Mine is that if you regularly wear your pajamas for any task outside the house, especially picking up your spawn from schools or going to the supermarket, you are trash and your children have no hope in life,” he wrote. “If you can’t even set an example for your kids to get up, get dressed, and be fresh for the day, you’re setting them up to fail.”

He then aske others to share their snobby opinions, and folks were more than happy to chime in. Responses include:

  • “TV talent shows are the lowest form of entertainment.”
  • “Your bookcase should be bigger than your television.”
  • "If your entire house is grey, you have a French bull dog, lust after Pandora charms and name your kids Mason-Riley, Jaxon-Leigh and Indie-Rose, you are common as muck.”
  • “If someone sends me an email or text with poor spelling and grammar I have every right to assume they are thick.”
  • “People who smoke are generally less intelligent than people who do not.”
  • “I hate anyone that treats public transport as if it's their living room. Nobody needs to smell your food, hear your phone call, deal with your litter or your kids crawling everywhere. How you act on public transport reflects your attitudes towards other people.”
  • “If you have a tattoo on your face, I'm going to assume you're a criminal or an idiot.”
  • "If you take your shirt off in public when it's hot (i.e. walking down the street, in a pub garden - I'm obviously not referring to beaches and swimming pools), you're probably a bit thick.”
  • “Men who spit on the ground are disgusting little rodents.”

Source: The Mail

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