The Worst First Date Restaurant Behaviors

A lot of first dates happen at restaurants. You typically can’t go wrong with a nice dinner out… except you actually can. If you forget your table manners or show your true colors by being rude to the staff, then you’re setting the date up to go horribly wrong.

A study from HelloFresh and OnePoll, surveyed over two thousand couples. to better understand their thoughts about food and romance. Here’s what they had to say when it came to, “worst restaurant behavior that will doom a first date.”

  • Choosing a bad restaurant (65%) – Skip the fast food options for a first date.
  • Being rude to the staff (56%) – Even if the service isn’t great, don’t make the experience worse for your date by being rude to your waiter
  • Chewing with your mouth open (52%) – The goal is to not gross your date out.
  • Snagging a fry off your date’s plate (47%) – Keep in mind you still don’t really know this person. Almost half of the people surveyed aren’t comfortable with you taking food off their plate without being asked.
  • Leaving a small tip (27%) – While a big tip will impress your date, a small tip can make you look like a jerk
  • Having too many cocktails (26%) – Keep the drinking casual if you’re trying to make a good impression. No one wants to end the night dealing with someone who’s drunk AF

Source: Eat This

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