Married People Share The Wildest Secrets They’re Keeping From Their Spouse

While honesty is important for a long-lasting relationship, there are apparently some couples who aren’t totally transparent about everything with each other. In fact, some are keeping some really big secrets, and now they are sharing.

BuzzFeed asked their community to share with them the wildest secrets they've ever kept from their spouse, and some of them are pretty shocking.

Wild secrets include:

  • "I've had sex with all three of my wife's sisters multiple times, and she doesn't know about it yet. I also have one secret child with her oldest sister. She'd kill me if she even heard a rumor about it."
  • "My partner found a card in my car for a proposal to marry me...or so she thought. The card was actually meant for another woman I've also been dating for three years."
  • "My husband thinks I finished my bachelor's degree. I didn't. I dropped out and faked it for the last semester. That was five years ago, and now we're married. I still haven't told him the truth."
  • "I've never told my husband that I absolutely HATE the three kids he has from his previous marriage. I've despised them since the moment I met them. I can't stand them. They literally disgust me. They are NOTHING like him."
  • "I paid off my college bills ($3,000) by performing in adult videos behind my wife's back. I even had the producer write the checks directly out to my alma mater."
  • "I made out with my husband's older brother and sister while he was in the other room. I'll never tell him what happened."
  • "My husband doesn't know that I have silicone injections in my a**."
  • "When I get out of the shower, I always dry off with a towel. However, for some reason, my butt crack is never dry enough, so every time I walk to the bedroom to get dressed, I secretly use my husband's side of the blanket to finish drying my butt crack."

Source: BuzzFeed 

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