To Delete Or Not To Delete: How To Handle Your Breakup Online

For a lot of couples, their relationship also exists online. We start with soft launches but after a few months together we can quickly transition into full-on #relationshipgoals. And then when it’s over …well that’s when it gets awkward. We have a digital trail of all of the memories left on our feed.

When a relationship ends, the question of whether or not to delete the public memories comes up at some point. You have to ask yourself, “do you want this person still on your profile?” Plus there’s also the thought of what others may be wondering when they come across your feed.

You’re caught between deleting everything – which looks petty – and keeping everything – which could seem desperate. So, how do you appropriately manage your feed after a breakup? There are a few options:

  • Delete everything entirely. You can even go as far as making a breakup announcement video if you feel like people care enough.
  • Delete and archive. You want them off your feed but you aren’t ready to let go of the memories just yet.
  • Keep everything. After all, the person was a big part of your life.
  • Keep whatever pictures you think you look good in.

If you’re still unsure what to do, licensed master social worker Alyssa Peterse suggests the “two-week rule.” "Post-breakup, radically prioritize you and what you need for a minimum of two weeks," she says. “We are systemically conditioned to care what other people think. So, if that means postponing the decision to delete or not delete for two weeks, then fine."

Source: Byride

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