People Reveal The Stupidest Advice Given To Them As A Child

When you are young you rely on words of wisdom from older folks, whether it be parents, grandparents, other family members or even friends. But as we grow up, we often realize some of that advice wasn’t necessarily the best, and now people are sharing.

Someone on Reddit posed the question “What is the stupidest advice you were given as a child?” and plenty of people had something to say.  Stupid advice includes:

  • “Listen to grownups…Without exception.”
  • “’He hits you because he likes you.’ No. You're setting kids up to accept domestic violence as a sign of love.”
  • “Work hard and keep your head down and the wealth will trickle down.”
  • “Don't waste your money on toys and trading cards, they're worthless trash.”
  • “You can’t get a real job without a college degree.”
  • “That I have to avoid standing up for myself in school. Bloody idiotic.”
  • “Always smile.”
  • “Join the Clean plate club…Today it’s the Fat Ass Club.”
  • "You need to memorize these things because you won’t have a calculator in your pocket when you're older…I have a whole ass computer in my pocket.”
  • “Carrots make you see in the dark.”
  • “Follow your passion. A proven recipe to be unhappy. Literally proven.” 

Source: Reddit 

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