Women Share Little Things That Make Their Lives Easier

Some things only a woman can relate to, like the joy of getting your winged eyeliner right on the first try or finding a dress you love that has pockets. So when someone posed the question, “What is your most used lifehack as a woman?” to the Ask Women section of Reddit, smart and resourceful ladies have been happy to chime in.

These are the simple things they say makes their lives easier.

  • “For those using a shaving gel that comes in aluminum cans: before you put it in the shower, use clear nail polish to make a thin coat along the bottom ring of the can. This will prevent the can from rusting and leaving those rust-colored rings.”
  • “Stop buying shaving gel and use cheap conditioner instead. It’s a closer shave somehow and also moisturizes your skin.”
  • “I keep a mini makeup bag in my glove box with tampons, hair ties, hand lotion, sunscreen and saline solution. It’s saved me a bunch of times.”
  • “When you can’t squeeze any more product out of a tube container, cut it in half. You’d be surprised how much product can still be in there.”
  • “I sew my adjustable bra straps in place at the right size. No more straps always pulling looser and slipping off my shoulders.”
  • “Keep a spare pair of flat shoes in the car in case a heel breaks.”
  • “Learned from a jeweler that Dawn dish soap and a soft toothbrush will make your dingy jewelry sparkle”
  • “If you’re struggling to open something, just put the lid of the jar under hot water for a minute.”
  • “Baby powder can work as dry shampoo in a pinch”
  • “‘No.’ Is a complete sentence!”

Source: Reddit

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