Woman’s Date Sends Her List Of All Things She Did Wrong

In the world of dating, things don’t always work out, but the best part about a bad first date is that you never have to see or deal with that person again. At least that’s how it’s supposed to work. But when one woman’s date texted that he didn’t want to go out again, he didn’t leave it at that. He actually sent her a list of all the things he thinks she did wrong on their date.

In a video, TikToker Katie Lacie shares the messages her date sent her after telling her he wasn’t interested. He starts off being polite, writing, “Hey I had fun on our date, but I don’t really see this going anywhere.” Katie’s response? “No worries - good luck!” That should’ve been the end of it, but this guy didn’t drop it. He replied: “You should want to know what you did wrong so you can change that in the future.”

So Katie sarcastically replies, “Ok Jason, help me be a better person & tell me how I can change”

  • And then he lists off all the things he didn’t like about her, starting with her “choosing to go to a dive bar to play pool” rather than let him take her out to dinner. “That showed your level of class, which is low,” he writes.
  • He continues by telling her to “lose the black nail polish, it’s not feminine.”
  • Katie jokes, “Do you think there’s a conversion program I can join to make me less trashy and more feminine?”
  • “Keep up the sarcasm,” he responds. “You’ll be single forever.”
  • And Katie gets the last word when she tells him, “I can only hope!”

Source: The Sun

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