Everything Your Employer Could Monitor On Your Work Computer

If you work from a company-issued laptop, you should assume that everything you do on there is being monitored, because usually… it is. While it’s highly unlikely your company is watching your movement every day, if your employer is looking for a valid reason to get rid of you all they have to do is search through your data and daily activity that’s legally available to them via your work computer. Here’s everything that isn’t private:

  • Browsing history
  • Google docs
  • Messaging between you and your coworkers
  • Desktop folders

With this in mind, here’s what not to do on a company-issued computer.

  • Don’t save personal passwords or store private information. Your employer has the power to access and/or wipe them whenever.
  • Don’t scroll through social media, watch Netflix, or do anything unproductive that could make you look bad.
  • Don’t talk bad about your boss or coworkers through Slack or email.
  • Don’t search for new jobs, since your current employer can see your browsing habits.
  • Don’t work on your side hustle unless you want your company to know you’re working for someone else during company time.
  • Don’t try to remove the employee monitoring software on your own. IT will likely be notified when this happens.

Source: Life Hacker

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