Things People Think Are Worth The Extra Cost

Most people like to save money when they can, and there are definitely those who go to extremes to save a few bucks. But there are some things that are worth shelling out a few more dollars for, and now people are sharing just what those things are.

Someone on Reddit posed the question “What is absolutely worth the extra cost?,” and plenty of people shared their opinions, and I couldn’t agree more.

Things worth the extra cost include:

  • “Rental with in-unit washer/dryer.”
  • “Quality tires. Doesn't matter how fast you can go, if you can't turn, and stop under control, your life sucks.”
  • “Direct flights instead of layovers.”
  • “On the same note for a tall person buying extra leg room is so worth it on long flight.”
  • “Real Q-tips.”
  • “Ad free Hulu. I did the math once, and was spending like 2 days a year watching ads before I upgraded.”
  • “Good Toilet paper.”
  • “Hiring a company that not only moves your stuff, but packs it as well.”
  • “Living alone without roommates.”
  • “A good mattress We spend 1/3 of our life sleeping so might as well make it comfortable.”
  • “Quality shoes. I have problematic feet, and well-made shoes have changed my life..”
  • “Your in laws paying for a hotel when they come and visit. They should pay that instead of expecting to stay with one of us.”
  • “Name brand ketchup, very cheap vs. name brand frozen pizza, more expensive microwave popcorn, warranties on electronics and tipping servers or delivery drivers.”
  • “TSA pre-check.” 


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