Being Sleep Deprived Could Be Bad For Your Relationship

We hear a lot about how important getting the right amount of quality sleep is for our health and well-being, but it turns out it’s essential to having a happy relationship, too. Research shows your relationship can take a hit when you’re sleep deprived and it all comes down to the effects of feeling so tired. Several studies have looked at how not getting enough sleep affects relationships:

  • According to onestudy, participants report more conflict with their partners on the days after they had a bad night’s sleep. When you’re tired, small problems seem bigger and our reactions are amplified, which can lead to arguments.
  • Poor sleep can also cause us to feel more hostility toward our partners. In anotherstudy, people who didn’t get enough sleep the night before reported feeling more negative feelings toward their S.O. Researchers note that the poor sleepers also showed less empathy and weren’t as good at gauging their partner’s emotions.

But it turns out, there’s a simple fix to help all those negative effects of not getting proper sleep: cuddling. John Gottman, a psychologist who specializes in marital stability,considers cuddlingone of the top habits of couples who have a great sex life. Partners who snuggle up to each other tend to feel connected, both emotionally and physically.

Source:Best Life

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