Waitress Slams Customer Who Left His Number…But Not a Tip

A waitress is calling out a customer over his bad tipping behavior. TikToker@momitsyourbirthdayshares a clip showing a text conversation where she confronts a customer who left her his phone number, but didn’t tip her anything.

In the firstvideo, the server claims the guy and his friends spent about $200 on dinner and left a big fat $0 for her tip. So she used the digits he left her to text her disappointment, writing, “Next time you leave your number, make sure you leave a tip.” She calls out the guy’s “audacity” for stiffing her and says she’s “proud” of herself for confronting him.

But the zero-tip saga takes a surprise turn and ends up with a happy ending. In afollow-up video, the waitress shows the conversation that happened over text when the customer finally responded to her.

  • It turns out, he was very apologetic, explaining that he thought their friend had left a tip for the whole group.
  • He told her their group all gave one person $10 each for the tip and wrote, “Well great, now I look like the idiot. I really do apologize, we are not those people at all.”
  • After the guy checked with his buddy, he found out the friend “forgot” to leave the money, but they made it right by sending her a generous $75 on Venmo. No word yet on whether he gets a date out of this or not.


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