The 4-Hour Relationship Strategy Explained

When we’re so consumed with life, it’s easy to put things like our relationship on the back burner. But the truth is, no matter who you are or what you do, we make time for what matters. If you’re struggling to find that time that you know you owe your partner, consider something called “the 4-hour relationship.” The idea is inspired by Tim Ferriss and his books – “The 4-Hour Workweek,” “The 4-Hour Body,” and “The 4-Hour Chef.”

The concept is simple:

  • There are 168 hours in a week. Your relationship deserves at least four of them. This means non-negotiable, dedicated time, committed to you and your partner.
  • You’re also free to split up your four hours in any way that works best.
  • Spend those four hours on “anything that benefits your relationship or builds your connection with your partner.”

Here are some ways to best spend your 4-hours:

  • Date night– This is the easiest and most obvious one. Plan for an uninterrupted date night at the same time on the same day each week.
  • N.I.C.E Activities– These are things that are, New, Interesting, Challenging, and Exciting and they promote better relationship quality. Examples include sex, cuddling, watching a funny movie, planning a vacation, or going out to dinner.
  • Board games and art classes – Playing games like Battleship, Jenga, Yahtzee, and Scrabble or taking creative art classes boosts levels of oxytocin aka the “cuddle hormone” which helps couples bond.
  • Netflix and spill –Watch romantic movies on the couch together while also using the time to get in touch with the romance in your own lives.
  • Talk it out –Spend your four hours simply talking about things that go deeper than your normal daily chit-chat. Make it all about you and your special person.

Source:Psychology Today

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