Survey: Can Money Buy Happiness?

We are always hearing that money can’t buy love and happiness, but apparently that hasn’t stopped folks from trying. 

A new LendingTree survey finds:

  • 88% of Americans admit they have spent money on something to make them happier.
  • The top items folks buy to make them happier include:
    • Travel (45%)
    • Food (45%)
    • Shopping sprees for clothes, shoes or accessories (42%)
    • Tickets to an event (27%)
    • Home décor (26%)
    • Tech gadgets (23%)
    • Alcohol or drugs (20%)
  • Searching for that happiness with goods has led 43% of people to go into debt.
  • Surprisingly, 33% of people say money makes them happier than love.
  • That’s particularly true for men, millennials and those making over six figures (all 38%).
  • Sadly, spending that money on happiness may not have been that great an investment.
  • 54% of people who spend money to make themselves happier say the happiness was only temporary.
  • Overall, only 19% of Americans think money can buy happiness.
  • Still, 46% of Americans say money has never made them unhappy.
  • But there are some that say money has caused them unhappiness.
  • Reasons include:
    • Feeling used for money (22%)
    • Always being asked for money (20%)
    • Arguments with family about inheritance (16%)
    • Getting money after a loved one’s death (9%)


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