People Reveal The Stingiest Behavior They’ve Ever Experienced

Trying to save some money here and there is totally understandable, but there are a lot of people in this world who go to extreme lengths to save money, and now folks are spilling the tea.

Someone on the mommy forum Mumsnet, recently posed the question, “Yourself or someone else, what is the most stingy, mean, miserable thing is that you have ever done or seen someone else do?” and people did not hold back. Stingy behavior included:

  • “Was at a friend’s once and someone brought a bottle of cheap red wine, drank half and took the remainder home again.”
  • One person shared that her sister would go to funerals, even of people she barely knows, and then leave and get her kids so they could eat at the wake and she would “save feeding them at home.” She would even walk out with a plate of food for their lunch the next day.
  • “Ex-husband sold an old sofa to a friend and I later found out he’d cut the lining under the cushions open to check for loose change that might have fallen through.”
  • “My best friend brought our other best friend a half-opened (drunk) bottle of wine as her wedding gift. It was not on the bride’s wedding list!”
  • “A friend on moving day caught (dear husband) removing light bulbs. She made him put them back.”
  • “One tea bag in a pot to make tea for 4.”
  • '[My ex] is comfortable and has no mortgage (mummy bought him a flat years ago) and he has a reasonably well paid job for doing not much all day,” one person shared. “He is too mean to put a shower into his bathroom and goes to his mother's or his work/gym every morning before work rather than use his bath.”
  • “A man I know used to have only one lightbulb in his entire house. He took it from room to room as he needed to.” 

Source:The Mail

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