Mom Discovers She’s Been Celebrating Son’s B-day On Wrong Day

As moms, our brains get overloaded and sometimes we beat ourselves up about our parenting failures, but one mom is sharing hers to ease our concerns. Emily Vondrachek, who has four kids under five, confesses to getting her son’s birth date wrong … for two years in a row. “Here’s a little story to allow all the moms of little ones to maybe feel a little better about yourselves,” she begins in a hilariousTikTok video.

The Minnesota mama tells the story of getting a phone call from the pediatrician’s office to inform her that they were having trouble billing for Henry, her three-year old’s, last visit. The issue? The date of birth they had on file for him doesn’t match the insurance company’s. “My son’s birthday is the 26th - I’m his mother, I know his birthday,” Emily recalls telling the receptionist. She says just as she was about to call the insurance company and let them have it, she thought, “Maybe I should scroll back on Facebook to look at the birth announcement to make sure.”

And that’s when she realized that Henry was actually born on February 25th, not the 26th, which she had been celebrating as his birthday. Emily even shared Facebook tributes written on what she thought was her son’s birthday to back up her story. She says she called the receptionist back and they both had a good laugh over her mistake. Now the mom says she’s planning to go all out for Henry’s 4th birthday next month. “He’s specifically requested a red Hulk, not a green Hulk,” Emily says. “I have no idea how I’m going to make that happen - but for my middle child, I will do anything!”

Comments on her video prove she’s not alone in parenting birthday fails:

  • “One year my mother sang Happy Birthday to Allison … My name is Ashley. I’m an only child,” one TikToker writes.
  • “I had my middle child’s birth month wrong for over a year,” confesses another. “Who knew August was the 8th month, not the 9th”
  • “My Dad has twins. Only twins. He forgot my birthday two years ago. Not my sister's,” shares another. “Haven't let him live that down.”


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